Vendor Terms & Conditions

We at Adamclick have implemented a few rules and guidelines for each and every vendor that should be followed every single time. Seller policies and rules are a common set of guidelines that enables us to provide a safe, trusted, and ethical business platform for all our listed sellers. We request all the sellers to comply with the same in order to create and promote a safe and trusted trading atmosphere where everyone can sell their products with peace of mind.
User Agreement 
We request all our vendors to understand the guidelines properly and hope they will act accordingly that. To become a registered seller, you must accept the “User Agreement”. By clicking on “I Accept” you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions for the seller. In case you find these terms and conditions unacceptable, you can choose to walk away anytime. Or if you find any kind of difficulty understanding the same, you can connect with us at, we'll be more than happy to assist you.  
Why do you need to be aware of the seller terms?
These rules are created with the sole intention of ensuring the smooth functioning of trade operations while protecting your privacy and identity. This enables you to learn and beware of unsolicited email scams and fraud promises.   
Please read Adamclick’s seller policies carefully before enlisting your business with us to start selling your products to customers. Take a quick glance at our seller policy to eliminate any possibilities of disagreements in the future in the context of our services.
This policy is designed to restrict sellers from engaging in unethical practices of attracting online traffic. We only promote safe and legal methods of advertising and request you to do the same. 
Prohibited and Restricted Items 
Adamclick is designed to promote the online selling of products for daily use like apparel, health, and sports items, electronics, travel and luggage, and many more. But for us, safety and security matter the most. That is why there are many items that we don’t sell or promote at Adamclick, such as liquor, adult content materials, banned items or goods according to the Government of India, etc. 
Reporting Violation of Policy
When a violation of policy occurs, we inform the seller and buyer that the listing has been removed from Adamclick.  
We at Adamclick believe in zero-tolerance for any intellectual property violation. If you have found any information on any violation of such a manner, please let us know about it, so we can take appropriate action as quickly as possible. To report about the same, please get in touch with us at 
Your participation and vigilance at Adamclick are priceless in helping us create a perfect atmosphere for everyone to become a more successful seller. 
We enable all our registered vendors to post text, images, videos, or other material on our platform in order to promote the product that you have enlisted on our platform. 
We reserve all the rights to update or replace these terms at any point in time in the future. You will be provided a notice of 30 days to make changes accordingly before we enforce new terms and conditions. Adamclick is not answerable to anyone before making any updation on its seller policies. 
Adamclick’s seller policies and regulations are intended to – 
  • Mitigate the risks for both buyers and sellers
  • Help buyers and sellers comply with Government rules and regulations
  • Provide equal opportunities to all buyers and sellers
  • Protect intellectual property rights
  • Keep your privacy on top
  • Provide a memorable purchasing experience 
  • Provide support 
  • Penalty and termination of the account
Non-compliance with these policies will lead to the temporary or permanent elimination of the seller’s account or penalty. Violation of these terms will result in a number of actions including:
  • Listing/membership/subscription cancellation or permanent termination
  • Store suspension/termination
  • Limits on account privilege
  • Account suspension/elimination
  • Loss of merchant rating
  • The imposition of penalty amount decided at the sole discretion of Adamclick. 
Note: You may contact Adamclick to ask any questions about these terms or report any violation. Please write to us at