Laptop Bag

Laptop Bags have become a bag of choice for every office goer. The reason for that is a massive shift in companies giving laptops to employees, instead of fixed desktops. In fact, some research says that ~75% of all corporate employees today work on a laptop. Therefore, having the best laptop bag to go with it has become a necessity.

When anyone says best laptop bags for men, leather laptop briefcase, multiple factors come to mind. One is functionality, another is color, another is the price. As a team, we at Adamclick have spent a lot of time making the perfect laptop bag. 


Compatibility with your laptop

What's a laptop bag, which can't even fit your laptop? Start with checking for the sizes of your laptop. Based on that, shortlist bags that will fit your laptop. Do note that a laptop bag should be able to fit your laptop plus the accessories and a few more things. 


We recommend picking up a laptop or MacBook Air laptop sleeve, that can accommodate up to a 15.6-inch laptop. Note that your laptop will also change - either because you shifted jobs or your company changed the laptop. So, keep it flexible. 


Laptop Bag Dimensions

If you are a person who carries a lot of stuff, you need to look for a bag which not only fits your laptop but also has space for the charger, wallet, book, earphones, tiffin, hand towel, and other essentials you carry. Some leather laptop sleeves come with a sleek design, that looks great in images and sometimes waterproof laptop bags come in handy if you are living in a rain-pro area. 


Number of compartments 

A good laptop bag should ideally have one main compartment and one side compartment, to keep all your items. The main compartment will house the laptop, charger, wallet, and a few other items. The side compartment can fit in a book, earphones, and a hand towel. Additionally, look for a MacBook Air laptop bag that has a quick access zipper slot on the exterior of the bag to keep your ID card, travel pass, and some change money.


The durability of the bag

along with other daily use items. Thus, it is important that the bag is made up of materials that can take the load and not wear and tear quickly. A bag made of a thick material like nylon, vegan leather, jute khadi fabrics, or any other thick fabric, generally lasts longer and can accommodate a weight up to 5 kgs. However, make sure the bag is not heavy due to the materials used. Typically, being in the 0.5 kg to 1 kg mark is fine.


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