Travel & Luggage Bag

While planning a trip, booking the flight/train ticket might be at the top of your mind, but as the vacation day comes closer, nothing floats on your mind more than packing. If you are planning to buy a new travel bag, you have come to the right spot. We, at Adamclick, have chalked down a quick checklist you need to consider before you buy your next travel bag – your travel buddy.


1. Know luggage restrictions of different airlines

If you need new luggage trolley bags or hand luggage bags, it would be wise to know the restrictions airlines have for these. Research well before making a purchasing decision. 


2. Go for a lightweight travel bag

Paying for extra baggage at the airport can dampen your trip excitement. So, if you have travel storage bags that are heavy even when empty, you are at loss. While buying a trolley bag online, make sure it doesn’t weigh over 3kg to save yourself enough opportunity to stuff it!
3. Select a compact travel bag

While the designer travel bag you have been eyeing for a while now is fabulous to look at, you need to evaluate how functional and practical it is. Your travel bag must fit into an airplane’s cabin, any car’s boot, and any hotel/hostel room with ease. So, buying a compact travel bag is the way to go. Make sure you consider these points while buying luggage bags online. 


4. Pick a bag with wheels and a telescope handle

Who likes carrying their travel bag when there is an option to pull them along? Airport walks can be long and tiring and so, if your bag has wheels and a comfortable handle, you will be grateful. When it comes to handles, make sure you select a travel bag with a completely retractable handle that allows you to adjust its length according to your height. 


5. Select a unique color or personalize your travel bag

Remember how you had a real tough time spotting your black suitcase among many other black ones at the baggage carousel on your last trip? To save time, it is advisable to buy a unique travel bag. 


We have categorized this segment to help you shop in a better way. While searching for a travel bag online make sure you are using the correct keyword. Some of the most searched keywords on are cheap travel bags online, ladies travel bag, baby trolley bag, travel bags for women, mens leather travel bag, and get the desired result instantly. 

We sell travel bags or trolly bags from all the leading companies in India. The list includes Skybag, Pronto Miami, Aristocrat, Safari, Mi, Nasher Miles, American Tourister, VIP, Carlton, Samsonite, and many more. 

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