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A scarcity of Medical Oxygen Cylinders has pushed the need for Oxygen Concentrator, earlier supplementary medical equipment, at the forefront for home isolated patients and moderate patients in hospitals. But each and every one of us needs one at our home to handle any type of worse situation. 

Oxygen concentrators are suitable for whom?

Only mild to moderately ill patients, who have an oxygen saturation level between 90-94, should depend on an oxygen concentrator and can use it at home. Because there is a scarcity of oxygen, even those with an oxygen level as low as 85 can opt for one. Anyone with oxygen saturation depleting below 80-85 may need a higher flow of oxygen and will have to switch to a cylinder or liquid medical oxygen supply.

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There are two types— continuous flow and pulse dose. Continuous flow oxygen will provide the same flow of oxygen every minute unless it is turned off irrespective of whether the patient is breathing it in or not, while the pulse dose oxygen concentrator detects breathing pattern and dispenses oxygen when it detects inhalation. The oxygen dispensed per minute will vary in the second case.

List of importers and manufacturers in India

Phillips, BPL Medical Technologies Ltd, Invacare, AirSep corporation, SS Technologies, Owgels, Oshocorp Global Pvt Ltd, Medtronic, Inogen, Nidek Medical, Chart Industries are some common importers and manufacturers in India.

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