If you love to drive a car or riding a bike, there is a 100% chance that you’ve sincerely considered getting a smartphone mount or a mobile phone stand at some point. A Car Mobile Holder or a Car Phone Holder helps you keep your smartphone in a fixed spot with the screen facing you, so that you can use it to control music playback or for navigation. 


Navigation is probably the single most useful driving-related feature in smartphones and we strongly recommend getting a mobile holder for this purpose. No one wants to risk an accident simply because the smartphone was placed in a spot that prevents you from looking at the road ahead. That’s why you need a Mobile Phone Holder or a sturdy Mobile Phone Stand for your phone. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before buying a Mobile Stand for Car or Bike.


Buying a car mobile charger holder

The first thing you need to know when buying a smartphone mount for your car is where you want to place the mount.


Different types of car smartphone mounts
There are three types of smartphone mounts for cars most commonly available in the market:
Dashboard mounts: These are attached to the dashboard.
Windscreen mounts: Attached to the windscreen.
Air vent mounts: A clip-on mount placed on the AC vent.


How the phone charging stand holds your smartphone

Once you’re sure which type of amount you want, the next step is to see how the mobile charging stand, holds your smartphone. Some mounts use a magnet while others use a claw-like grip to physically hold your smartphone. A smartphone mobile charger holder with a magnet sometimes requires you to stick a magnet to the back of your smartphone or to the case and there’s another type that requires you to place the magnet between the phone and the case.


Buying a smartphone mount for your motorcycle

A mobile grip holder for motorcycles is not an easy purchase at all. You’ll have to place the phone on your bike’s handlebar or stem, which means that there’s always the worry that an opportunistic thief could grab your phone and run. Note that if you can't mount it on the handlebar, lots of bike smartphone holders can be mounted on the stem, as you can see here. However, if you need your smartphone for navigation, then buying an amount is an absolute necessity.


Different types of motorcycle smartphone mounts

There are lots of different types of motorcycle mounts for smartphones but the four major ones we found are as follows.


Ram mounts: These hold your phone in an X-shaped grip.
Mounts with a case: As the name suggests, these mounts have a smartphone case attached.
Frame with a waterproof bag: This mount comes with a waterproof cover.
Universal bracket: This smartphone mount comes with two grips on the side, which accommodate larger or smaller phones easily.

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