It is often convenient to be able to charge phones and many other devices that can use cables linked to USB sockets for charging. Sometimes cars or vehicles may not be fitted with USB connections, or it may be that a variety of devices need to be charged using a USB car charger whilst on the move in a vehicle.

In many instances, a car mobile charger that takes power from the vehicle's Car Charger socket can be invaluable. Knowing what to look for when buying a car USB charger is key to making sure you make the best buy.

What is a car USB charger?

A car USB charger is a small adaptor that plugs into the cigarette lighter/accessory port found on virtually all cars and provides one or more USB outputs.

As the cigarette lighter/accessory port provides a nominal 12-volt output, the car USB charger converts this voltage to the 5 volts required for the USB supply.

Also as the car, 12 volt supply can vary considerably and also have spikes and surges on it as a result of the other car electrical systems. The car USB charger needs to protect against these so that anything connected to the USB port will not be damaged by this.

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