Laptop Charger

Laptops rely on two main types of power adapters for energy: the AC adapter and the DC Adapter. These adapters, also known as (power) chargers, are what help convert the electricity from the wall outlet into a form that's usable for the laptop. When you are planning to buy an online laptop charger, there are some important factors that should be taken into consideration:

  • Watt
  • Voltage
  • Ampere
  • Connector Pin type

The voltage and wattage of a laptop charger adapter need to match the required voltage of the laptop. ‘Watts’ is important as it is the core foundation power that the laptop (battery) supports. The image below shows different power adapters categorized based on ‘Watts’. Needless to say that watts and pin sizes are bound to change in the future as the industry standards evolve.

Then, the connector tip. The connector can vary for different laptops, like a rounded small pin, rounded big pin, etc. The cylindrical connector tips are the most commonly used type for a laptop device. Many fast charging and modern devices today come with flat USB-C type pins as well.

So you shall always first check the laptop model number and power requirements. For that, you can find the service tag (which is usually attached back of your Laptop) or the brick of the power charger. 

Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Laptop Charger Online:

  • Voltage and Amperage of the adapter need to match the requirements of the laptop otherwise it won’t fit or work with your laptop
  • Compare the connector type of the Adapter to your laptop adapter Port. They need to match to ensure that the adapter can plug into the laptop.


About compatible chargers: There are several manufacturers that offer an alternative to the original power chargers. You can search them by the name of the universal laptop charger or multi laptop charger. 

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